Pagan KennedySFWP is proud to present The Pagan Kennedy Project! We acquired the rights to Kennedy's entire out of print catalog and we'll be releasing these titles through 2016, celebrating the early work of culture maven Pagan Kennedy. See how the Queen of the Zines and the current design columnist for the New York Times Magazine got started! Click on the titles below to explore the books...and contact SFWP if you have any questions!

Black Livingstone

Kennedy captures the undercurrent of horror found everywhere in the 19th-century colonial Congo while honoring the accomplishments, heroism, and character of William Sheppard--an African American who defied segregation and became an explorer. Find out more!


How I Spent Six Years of My Life in the Underground and Finally... Found Myself... I Think
Between the ages of 25 and 31, Kennedy published her own personal fanzine, Pagan's Head. Why? "To procrastinate, to trick people into liking me, to get dates, to turn myself into a star, and to transform my boring life into an epic story. And the scary thing was, it worked." Find out more!

Pagan Kennedy's Living

A Handbook for Maturing Hipsters
In articles and cartoons that address the difficulty of staying hip in the '90s, Pagan provides a welcome alternative to People magazine and the later works of Hegel. Cruise through this book only if you want a extremely entertaining read and the opportunity to develop an unhealthy fixation on the fabulous Ms. Kennedy. Find out more!


A Microwaved Cultural Chronicle of the 1970's
In this hilarious, highly personalized popular history of what may be the goofiest of modern decades, pop culture critic and fiction writer Kennedy offers her insightful version of "guerrilla nostalgia." Coming in 2017.

The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories

Nonfiction is the new black comedy in this hilarious collection of award-winning literary essays written by the infamous Pagan Kennedy. Kennedy excels at making the complex compelling...a stylish and wholly original triumph. (Find out more!