The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex

The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex is a New York Times "Inside the List" feature and received a starred review in Publishers Weekly!

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Kennedy excels at making the complex compelling...a stylish and wholly original triumph.

Publisher's Weekly Starred Review

Nonfiction is the new black comedy in this hilarious collection of award-winning literary essays written by the infamous Pagan Kennedy. In the title piece, Alex Comfort, author of The Joy of Sex, reinvents himself as a sex guru in California and hatches a plan to destroy monogamy forever. In the stories that follow, a retired chemist finds a way to turn a wasteland into paradise, an aspiring tyrant tries to become the emperor of America, and an artist rigs himself up to a "brain machine" made from parts he bought at Radio Shack. All of the essays—most of which have appeared in The New York Times Magazine and The Boston Globe Magazine—document the stories of visionaries bent on remaking the world, for better or for worse.
The most daring writer I know, Pagan Kennedy prowls the shadowy, creepy, eye-popping limits of the culture where other writers fear to tread. And the stories she brings back are so tomorrow, if not so next year, that I sometimes wonder how life can ever catch up. This book is a crystal ball. Take a look: Your future is inside.

—John Sedgwick, author of In My Blood

In 1972, The Joy of Sex revolutionized how couples thought of sex and their bodies, and in the process it sold millions of copies and became a household name. Few readers could have guessed that the "editor" of the book, the paunchy, eccentric, middle-aged anarchist Dr. Alex Comfort, was also the star.

Now, thirty-six years later, the inimitable Queen of 'zines, Pagan Kennedy, turns her gifted eye on the story behind that book. Supported by interviews with Dr. Comfort's son, Nick, and close associates, a tell-all look at Comfort's life is the title piece of The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and Other True Stories.

The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex is a dangerous joy of literary pleasure—a compelling, spellbinding reading experience. In this book, Pagan Kennedy writes with clarity, honesty and impeccable grace.

—Lee Gutkind, Editor: Creative Nonfiction magazine