Pagan Kennedy's Living

Take a veteran of tofu burgers and stained futons, the publisher of a zine, the high patroness of thrift-store shopping, turn her into a Doris Day of aging hipsters, and the result? Pagan Kennedy. Kennedy provides anxious X'ers with a state-of-the-art social planner. Slackers, retro types, college students, downtown poets, and uptown temps: look no further. Here are the rules of the social game for those already in the know.

Find out more! Review: Zinester, author, aging hipster, and graduate of the prestigious Wesleyan University, Pagan Kennedy has captured the hearts of America with her personal zine Pagan. Drawing from this source, she presents not only the zine-world standards (an interview with the ever-beguiling Lisa Suckdog, articles on dumpster diving, and eight-track collecting), but also includes some helpful dating tips, such as "Pretend to go to the bathroom and never come back." Indeed, only Pagan seems to have noticed the bizarre visual similarity between avant-pop neo-beatnik author Kathy Acker and hyperactive fitness guru Susan Powter. In articles and cartoons that address the difficulty of staying hip in the '90s, Pagan provides a welcome alternative to People magazine and the later works of Hegel. Cruise through this book only if you want a extremely entertaining read and the opportunity to develop an unhealthy fixation on the fabulous Ms. Kennedy.